Alyssa Veniece was born in Toronto, Canada. Veniece is known for playing the role of the bartender in the Aaron Sorkin film Molly's Game, the angel Margot alongside Jason Biggs in the Freeform original Angry Angel, the werewolf Justine in ABC's television series Shadowhunters, and of the new paralegal in the USA Network's television series Suits. She is an actress, singer, dancer, and writer. 

Veniece was born to parents of Jamaican descent mixed with Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, and Indian. Her father had an occupation of a stock and futures day trader, while her mother spent the early years of their marriage as a homemaker, raising Alyssa and her two siblings. 

Veniece's childhood was filled with activities in the arts - ballet and jazz dance lessons, gymnastics, piano lessons and musical theatre. In her teen years she began dancing hip-hop competitively, playing on her city's rep soccer team, taking tennis lessons, vocal lessons, and enrolling in acting classes. She has worked as a swim instructor, lifeguard, dance choreographer and personal trainer.

After Alyssa's first year studying Business Economics at York University, she dropped out as the experience left her feeling restless and uninspired. It was during this time that her parents' marriage had come to an end, and Alyssa moved downtown with her father to begin trading stocks and futures.

Veniece began to explore brimming interests, such as fitness. She trained in bootcamps before progressing into international fitness competitions and becoming a WBFF Bikini Pro, fitness model, and personal trainer herself. 

Deterred by the politics within the fitness industry, she turned to commercial modelling instead. Alyssa found success with various international corporate campaigns from BMW to iHeartRadio, The Keg, CIBC, Rogers, Ford, Samsung and many more. She joined a Taekwondo school, trained Muay Thai at an MMA gym, and landed stunt roles in Hollywood blockbusters. Her martial arts skills became an asset within the music industry, resulting in casting directors requesting her for roles as the hero female in music videos for a number of high profile artists.

In 2015, Veniece won the SOCAN Pop/Rock Song of the Year Award for her songwriting on Down with Webster's platinum-selling single "Chills", earning a Canadian Music Heatseeker Award, JUNO nomination, and MMVA Music Video Award nomination. 

Veniece is the prototype character for the Eldar race and playable army in the video game Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade, patterned after the High Elves of fantasy fiction. 

Alyssa Veniece lives in Los Angeles. 
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